Selous Game Reserve

About the Game Reserve

Selous stands as the largest game reserve in Africa and as the second conservation area in Africa. It is large uninhabited and therefore worth visiting. Selous boasts of various attractions, four times bigger than Serengeti and one of the parks in its best and natural forms, it is remote and undisturbed.  It is one of the parks used by elephants for their migration.  Though the numbers are smaller, the elephant migration in Selous can be compared to the wildebeest’s migration in Serengeti.

Selous doesn’t have many visitors at a particulate time though its peak is between July and November when it records a high number of visitors. This means game drives are extra special. The Rufiji Rivers make Selous habitable for its wildlife despite its rater dry and hot weather conditions. Gamer drives, walking safari, fly camping safaris and boat rides along the Rufiji River are some of the attractions at this reserve. Due to its beauty and peacefulness, Selous is a perfect getaway for small group safaris in Tanzania, family safaris and a perfect honeymoon Destination in Africa.

The Volcanic springs and lakes also offer a diverse landscape in Selous. This is home to over 350 recoded bird species. Wildlife includes elephants in their numbers, sable antelopes, Gnus, greater kudus, waterbucks, elands, hartebeests, hippos, Zebras, giraffes and quite a number of lions. It is one of the remaining places to see wild dogs in their natural habitat. During the dry season the game drives are very rewarding with the wildlife concentrated at the small lake shores and watering holes. A customized safari to selous is truly rewarding.

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