Ruaha National Park

About the National Park

If you think of a remote location, with beautifuluntamed and untouched wilderness, Ruaha is the place to be. The park is famous for its fascinating beauty, ancient baobab tress, a photogenic river and incredibly dramatic scenes which offer you unforgettable wildlife viewing opportunities. So are the unique lodges that are found in Ruaha. The same applies to its numbered lodges. Ruaha is also famed for its unique species of antelopes. It is characterized by its semi-arid and scrub vegetation, baobab and acacia tress. It has three rivers which give life to this park. It’s interesting to watch how elephants will also dig water pans on the river bed during the dry seasons.

Ruaha which is also the largest national park in Tanzania boasts of both wildlife and plant diversity. Animals include elephants, buffalos, antelopes which include roan and sable, foxes, jackals, leopard, jackals and the rarely sighted wild dogs when you are lucky. It is found on the southern side of Tanzania and an ideal park for an off the beaten track safari. The park with its rivers is a source of livelihood for people living downstream providing both water for agriculture and water for electricity. Ruaha is the perfect getaways for a perfect safari in Tanzania. It is an abundance of wildlife diversity.

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