Kilimanjaro National Park

About the National Park

This is the conservation area that surrounds the Mt Kilimanjaro. It is unique because it can be scaled but virtually anyone with a drive to climb a mountain. Being the highest peaks in Africa, Kilimanjaro boasts of three peaks which include Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. It is closely accessed through Moshi. Its beauty on a clear blue sky is amazing and mesmerizing. It is a tower of beauty even for the non-climbers who choose to see it from a distance. Mt Kilimanjaro depicts the beauty of Africa. Its snow peaks towering above the clouds, it remains the highest peak in Africa and the only free standing mountain in the world. Climbers from all over the world flock in to Tanzania and summit the mountain between 5-9 days depending on the route. At the foot slopes animals include elephants, leopard, buffalo and duikers.

The giant lobelias and moorland zone are an interesting sight.  Mt Kilimanjaro is the roof top of Africa, it surely gives you the best and most spectacular view of Africa. Farmers continue with their agricultural activities in the lowlands beneath the mountain in the surrounding conservation areas. They do subsistence farming. Few large farms exist as well where coffee is grown. Combine your Tanzania safari with Trekking Kilimanjaro and you take home the best African safari memories

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