Arusha National Park

About the National Park

Arusha National park is a small but very interesting park a few minutes from Arusha town. It lies within the Ngurdoto crater which has been extinct for quarter a million years. The terrain in the park varies from open savannah, Scrublands, montane and rain forests and alpine vegetation. It has a variety of attractions which include the Momela lakes, the Ngurdoto crater, the ash conned Mt Meru which is the fifth highest mountain in the park and lush highland forests. Clients frequent this park with interest for game viewing and mount Meru trekking in Tanzania. The Arusha National park forested slopes and cascading waterfalls offer a perfect activity for day trips from the city Centre. Animals in this colorful park include blue monkeys, Columbus monkeys, waterbucks, zebras, dikdiks, giraffes, buffalo and warthogs. At times leopard and hyenas can be spotted.

On a clear blue morning or evening, you may be lucky to see the snowcapped Kilimanjaro from the park. Arusha national Park is also home to resident waterfowls including the Pink flamingos and pelican, the colorful turacos and trogons, the park is a birdwatchers paradise who does not want to travel very far from the city. The highland forests are also colorful with the red hot poker trees, giant lobelias with overhanging Spanish moss. This makes the park a favorite stop for enthusiasts of short Tanzania safaris. Walking safaris are highly rewarding in this park.

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