Aberdares National Park

About the National Park

Nairobi is situated 150km away from Aberdare national park. Aberdare national park for an exceptional night game viewing. Nocturnal animals are only active at night and therefore, for you to get a better understanding of some of the activities carried out by these animals, a night game viewing is necessary- you will view nocturnal animals when they visit the floodlight water hole. The lodges near the park are aware of this wonderful night experience and each room is equipped with a buzzer which rings in case any wildlife animal visits the water hole. The alert call shall notify the visitors to wake up and go spot the wildlife; that experience is a dream come true for many wildlife enthusiasts. With our knowledgeable tour guides, you will stand high chances of viewing most of the wildlife species. You shall drive to the park for a wonderful game drive where you will stand a chance to view many wildlife species such as the Buffaloes, elephants, rare bongo, bushbucks, olive baboons, African wild cat, leopards, black and white colobus monkeys and others. In the evening before sunset, you shall drive back to the lodge for relaxation and getting ready for a night game drive. In the night, you shall do a night game viewing safari around the waterhole. Several wildlife species visit this area to take water and you shall be alerted in case there is any wildlife movement.

Aberdare fishing safari shall take you to one of Kenya’s best fishing grounds. Aberdare national park is located in the East African valley region, the Park is blessed with three great rivers: Chania, guru, and Karuru. The rivers are calm which makes fishing an interesting activity along with these wonderful water bodies.
Upon arrival in Aberdare, you shall meet professional anglers who shall guide you during your fishing adventure. You will board a boat with all the fishing equipment to some of the best fishing spots within the park. Although fishing requires some bit of skills, sometimes it is all about Luck. If you are fortunate enough, you shall be in a position to have a good catch. Expect to catch Trout fish and other species. As you are sailing along the water, you shall be in a position to spot some of the wildlife that inhabits within the rivers of Aberdare
After the fish catch, it is possible to have a decent fried fish meal while having wonderful views of the Rivers and some of the waterfalls that reside within the park.

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